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3D Skull Ice Tray

Price: TWD 757.03


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Stay cool and make a statement with our Skull Ice Tray! This unique and quirky ice tray is shaped like a human skull, perfect for adding a touch of dark humor to your summer gatherings. Made of durable plastic, it's easy to clean and can be used to make ice cubes in any shape you like.


The Skull Ice Tray is perfect for:

  • Partygoers who want to add a touch of morbid humor to their summer gatherings
    * Fans of horror movies, Gothic architecture, and all things macabre
    * Anyone who wants to make a statement with their ice cubes
    * Homeowners who want to add a unique and quirky decorative piece to their bar or kitchen


Dimensions:  8.5cm (W), 11.5cm (L) / 3.35 in. (W), 4.45 in. (L)
Ice: 4.5cm (H), 4cm (Dia) / 1.8 in. (H), 1.6 in (Dia) 

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